Small donations

Small projects that require seed funding . . .

Below is a list of small projects that we are looking to fund in the near future. If you would like more information about any of them, please contact us by filling in the inquiry form below. To fund one of these projects using Paypal simply click on the "Donate" button.

You can also use the Uni-Pay system to make a local bank transfer or credit-card payment through our Spanish school account.

Annual Christmas Scholarship Fund Drive

Cost 350.00 per scholarship

Each Christmas Yanapuma raises funds to provide scholarships for around a dozen children from marginalized communities (Estero de Plátano on the Pacific coast, and Bua de los Tsa'chila) to study at high school, rather than terminating their education at 12 or 13 years old. Each scholarship costs $350 for uniforms, materials, and transport to and from the nearest secondary college. One hundred percent of small donations goes directly to the fund. You can read more about this program here.
Training Tsa'chila farmers to use chemicals safely and responsibly: 
Cost $175.00 per community
Our aim eventually is to realize a more sustainable and chemical-free form of agriclture with the Tsa'chila. Currently they use chemicals without understanding the health risks and damage to the environment that result from their actions (mixing chemicals with their hands, not wearing protection, and rinsing out containers directly in the rivers for example). It is vital that we start to educate them in the safe use of chemicals. The donation will cover two training workshops, follow up visits to farms, and leaflets.
Collection of seeds of endangered and rare trees in Bua: 
Cost $205.00
As part of our efforts to protect the environment we are initiating a reforestation project in Bua. One stage of this is to collect seeds from the remaining areas of forest to create a nursery of these disappearing species. We will purchase the materials necessary to care for the seedlings and send locals to search for seeds as they are available. Learn more about Bua.
Summer School for scholarship students in Estero de Plátano - Cost $528
Yanapuma is sponsoring 13 children in Estero de Plátano to study at secondary school. One of the problems we have seen in our second year of sponsoring these children is that the quality of their primary education in the village has been poor, which makes it hard for them to succeed in their secondary education, despite the constant presence of our interns who help them with their homework. We propose to hire one of the teachers during the long break (January to April) to work with our interns to provide additional coaching that will help them catch up to the level of their peers from larger communities. Two days per week at $22 per day (including travel) for 12 weeks.

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