partnership with yanapuma

Partner with Yanapuma for sustainable development in Ecuador . . .

If you represent an organization, university, college or high-school that is interested in working collaboratively with Yanapuma Foundation to develop Study Abroad and Service Learning projects and to foster Global Citizenship, we would be pleased to hear from you. There are many ways that we can work together, depending on your aims and how we can cooperate to achieve our mutual goals.

Our Volunteer/Intern department is skilled in designing and executing projectsfor individuals and groups that will achieve their learning goals. Ecuador offers a wealth of possibilities for exploring its cultural and geographical diversity, and for students to gain valuable hands-on experience and insight into the challenges of this developing country.

Activities that we are working on or would like to work on include the following:

  • Development projects in the following areas:
    • Health and well-being (including health promotion, nutrition education, hygiene education and practice, reproductive rights and education, children’s and adult’s health, pre-natal care, etc)
    • Education (teaching particular subjects, curriculum development, improvement of school infrastructure, establishing partnerships between schools, etc)
    • Sanitation (Infrastructure development, research, alternative methods, potable water, recycling and waste management, etc)
    • Agriculture (sustainable forms of agriculture, organic methods, alternative cash crops, nutritional crops, analogue forestry, reforestation, soil recuperation, etc)
    • Cultural preservation (territorial rights, mapping, anthropological research, development of cultural centres and  museums, etc)
    • Environmental protection (developing protected areas, analogue forestry, river water quality, recyling, recovering native species, etc)
    • Sustainable forms of income (development of alternatives such as crafts production, medicinal plants, community-run tourism, including micro-finance, training in relevant skills, etc)
  • Academic partnerships for research and study:
    • Internships for students with credit
    • Research for Master’s and Doctorate level study
    • Study Abroad semesters
    • Service Learning programs
    • Combination Spanish and vocational study (medicine, business, social work, development studies, etc)
  • Spanish School development:
    • Send students as individuals or in groups for Spanish immersion programs for credit
    • Partner with Yanapuma Spanish School as an agency and receive commission on sales

Click here for a list of partner organizations and sponsors.