English Teaching Quito

  • Volunteer teaching in Quito for international volunteers and students
  • Service Learning project in Quito for student teachers volunteering in a high school on the outskirts of the city
  • A high school student listens to a volunteer teacher running a class in English in Quito
  • A teaching post for a volunteer teacher, English classes for the students

Teaching in a busy public school near Quito

"It has been hard work, but very rewarding teaching English here! It is a bit far to travel each day, but I do my homework for Spanish classes on the bus, so it is not so bad."

This is a public primary and elementary school in the valley adjacent to Quito. This school is large and understaffed like many public schools run by the ministry of education. Learning English is important for the further development of the children and their future prospects. However, the school only has two English teachers. Volunteers are needed to assist the English teachers or teachers of other subjects, especially subjects not normally taught such as music, art, dance and sports.

The school is located about 30 minutes by public transport from the school and offices of Yanapuma.

Range of tasks:

Volunteers generally act as a teacher’s assistant in the English class to the English teacher. Therefore a native English speaker is preferred, but when you are fluent in English that is also fine. Volunteers will likely:

  • ·               Help with lessons plans
  • ·               Teaching lessons and basic vocabulary or grammar
  • ·               Grading homework and tests
  • ·               Helping with pronunciation and introducing games and fun activities
Time commitment:
Three weeks is the absolute minimum, but they would prefer longer stays to carry out specific teaching projects during the school year.
spanish level:
At least a high basic to low intermediate level of Spanish is needed for this program. Intermediate and above is preferred.
Work schedule:
School is in session from 7:30am-1pm and runs from September through June
We can help you arrange accommodation in Quito either with a local host family or in a hostel or apartment. Costs can vary depending on the type of accommodation chosen - homestay, hostel, hotel or shared apartment. Contact us for more information.
Skills required:
One must have experience in the subject they would like to teach, unless assisting the English teacher or teachers in other subjects. 
Accepted donations:
Pencils, pens and markers, school uniforms, hand sanitizer, tissues, notebooks, colored paper, flash drives, first-aid supplies, children’s clothing