Children with Disabilities

  • Volunteer teaching in Quito for students and gap year travellers in Ecuador
  • A volunteer teaching in an indigenous school in Quito
  • A school for children with learning difficulties in the north of Quito is a volunteer placement for students
  • An intern in education works in a school in Quito teaching English and computer skills

A school for children with disabilities - Quito

"The most special part of volunteering here was kind of taking over for the physical therapists and doing it on my own! And having other students shadowing me. I learned so much from this! Yanapuma is a great organization and I couldn't have asked for a better homestay family, job, or Spanish classes -Rachel, Physical Therapy Assistant"

>This is a day-school for disabled and underprivileged children with around 40 students ages 5 to 20. The loving staff and volunteers provide daily care and attention, rehabilitation, after-school programs and recreational activities along with vocational training for disabled teenagers. The Foundation also provides high quality live-in care to some of its children at the nearby residential unit.

The center is located in the north of the city of Quito, about 50 minutes by public transport to the school and offices of Yanapuma. They charge a one-time fee of $25 for each volunteer which is payable directly to them.

Range of tasks:

There are a broad range of activities that volunteers can undertake depending on their experience and Spanish level. Qualified individuals may assist with physical therapy, social work and teaching. Other activities include assistance with educational activities and daily care for disabled children, help during meal times, live-in volunteering at Casa Hogar, facility maintenance, office work, cooking and cleaning. Twice a week there is a program of hippotherapy that volunteers can assist with.

Time commitment:
One week. The longer that a volunteer can spend the better for both parties.
spanish level:
A high basic to low intermediate level of Spanish is the minimum needed to work at this project.
Work schedule:
Volunteers are welcome for both morning and/or afternoon shifts. Evening, weekends, and during regularly scheduled school holidays volunteers are needed.
We can help you arrange accommodation in Quito either with a local host family or in a hostel or apartment. Costs can vary considerably depending on length of stay and other factors.Email us for details
Skills required:
This center requires that volunteers be engaged, flexible, caring, and willing to adapt to another culture. Successful volunteers are also motivated and able to take initiative.
Accepted donations:
Camp hope appreciates donations of children’s clothing, diapers, pillows, exercise balls, and non-perishable food