Kichwa Women's Center

Sinchi Aqua Centre- Sinchi Warmi, women’s cooperative, Amazon region

"This is such a worthwhile project - please please volunteer here to help these Kichwa women to carry on developing their ideas!

This is a visitor center and lodge created by a group of Kichwa women in the Amazon province of Napo as a means of improving the living standards of their families. Women founded and led, the centre which provides a reliable income to the involved families through their unique focus on cultural and ecological tourism. The center also includes fish ponds, vegetable gardens and traditional agriculture systems of the region.

Sinchi Aqua Centre is located about 45 minutes from the town of Tena in the Amazon region. Tena is about 6 hours from Quito by bus.

Range of tasks:

Volunteers can help with daily activities related to farming, maintaining the fish ponds and visitor center, interpreting for English-speaking visitors, and teaching English to the members of the group. Internships in the area of marketing, accounting, or grant writing are also available for qualified applicants.

There are also construction projects, building new cabaƱas and carrying out repairs to the installations. These are not constant activities, but you can email us to find out what will be happening during your time there.

Time commitment:
One week but longer preferred
spanish level:
Intermediate level at least
Work schedule:
Volunteers stay in cabins on site. Prices depend on duration of stay and how many meals you choose to take there
Skills required:
Initiative, willingness to learn, sense of humor, flexibility
Accepted donations:
Office supplies, school supplies, backbacks, children’s and adult clothes