Amazon Public Health

  • A clinic in the amazon region is a volunteer site for medical students and nurses
  • Medical internship in the Amazon region of Ecuador for med and nursing students
  • Learning medicine in the amazon region of Ecuador is an opportunity for medical interns and volunteers.
  • Spanish students also work in the amazon region to develop their skills in this medical center

A Public Health Center in the Amazon region

"Despite difficulties sometimes with the ministry I am glad I have done this volunteer work. I met only friendly people and and got a good insight [into] how the public health centers work and…learned a lot about the most common health problems and their treatment in the Oriente region."

Tis a busy clinic about 15 minutes walk from the center of a small Amazon town. The Subcentro offers a variety of medical specialties and services and are often quite busy. The waiting room is often full of mothers with sick children. The clinic opens 8am till 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Like many public health systems, Ecuador’s MSP can be underfunded or ill-equipped to meet the needs of so many patients.

Paushiyacu is located just outside Tena, which is about 6 hours from Quito in the Amazon region.

Range of tasks:
Volunteer access to this subcentro is contolled by the provincial office of the ministry of health and they have to right to screen and approve or reject and volunteers. For qualifies candidates, volunteer activities may include: Public health education; demonstration in the waiting room; Shadowing/assistence of physicians and nursing staff; Taking vital signs/weight height; Carrying out procedures, where experience permits; Assisting staff in pharmacy with preparation of prescriptions and medication distribution.
Time commitment:
One month minimum, longer preferred
spanish level:
High intermediate or advanced Spanish
Work schedule:
Clinic opens at 8am till 4:30pm
Volunteers can stay with a local host family in Tena for $15 per day with breakfast and dinner included.
Skills required:

Medical skills or nursing experience is useful. For maximum benefit, students should be at least in their second year of medical, nursing or pharmacy school. “Premed” students or individuals interested in public health should be prepared to observe and shadow doctors while learning about Ecuador’s health system. Volunteers will not be permitted to perform functions for which they are not qualified. Cultural sensitivity, good communication and language skills are very necessary in a medical setting.

The clinic reserves the right to screen volunteers for approval.

Accepted donations: