Amazon Special Education

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Special Education in the Amazon

Quotation from a former volunteer - will be added soon - we are updating these pages so please be patient!!!

The Special Education Institute in Macas is a special needs school for disabled children and young adults, ranging from 3 to 20 years old. They also organize activities for the mothers of the children and involve them in their daily activities at the institute.
Disabled children and adults often do not get the extensive and specialized care that they need in Ecuador. Education is often denied to disabled children, and little or no support is offered to their families. The Institute offers a safe and specialized place for these children, to offer them the best possible quality of life and a chance at education in an environment adapted to their needs.

Range of tasks:
Projects that volunteers can participate in include:
● Assisting the teachers in daily activities with the children in the classroom and courtyard
● Organizing games and sports events for the children
● Assisting during physical therapy and language therapy carried out by specialists
● Organizing workshops and other activities for the mothers of the disabled children
● Visit the children and their families at their homes, play with them, talk to the families, offer therapy (in case this is your area of expertise)
Time commitment:
One Month minimum
spanish level:
Intermediate or better
Work schedule:
Skills required:
In addition to enthusiastic volunteers the Institute welcomes professionals or students in the fields of special education and child care, psychology, social work, (physical) therapy, and related areas to spend a longer amount of time working at the school, to exchange knowledge with local staff, develop new programs and activities, and to work on a long term basis with the children and their families.
Accepted donations: