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There are many websites that offer services to volunteers for projects around the world including educational and language teaching services, accommodation and insurance.

Below you will find details of other services that might be of interest to volunteers, especially if they are interested in learning the language of the country that they will be volunteering in. Volunteering in Latin America for example will require at least a moderate level of understanding of Spanish or Portuguese. The educational websites listed below can help in the process of acquiring a second language.

Travel and volunteer in Ecuador with True Ecuador Travel - study and travel, study abroad, service learning and other programs for international students and volunteers. 

Links-Abroad.COM. Learn Abroad Spanish Language. Study abroad spanish language. Links-Abroad directory of programs and opportunities for study abroad.

Language Schools: Languages Romance offers language courses of the most recognized and accredited language schools for people interested in learn new languages as a second language abroad in the countries where they are spoken.

Spanish School - Peru Language Center a Peru based spanish school offers spanish courses such as intensive spanish, immersion spanish, super intensive spanish and volunteering options.

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Yanapuma Foundation
Our work is founded on the belief that the processes of globalization are inevitable. Without help indigenous cultures and communities most often end up losing control of or destroying their resource base. They lose their traditional cultural values and relationships to their environment. Thus they are drawn into a system in which they are ill-equipped to compete and are destined to remain at the bottom of the economic ladder, with under-developed infrastructure, and poor prospects for future generations. We believe that such communities have the right to maintain control of their resources and to live dignified and sustainable lives. With the right help they can develop suitable strategies and work towards a fulfilling future. But their responses need to be coordinated across all axes in order to achieve truly sustainable lives. Thus we believe it is important to support sustainable practices on multiple levels in order to present viable and holistic options.