Volunteer: Amupakin

  • Volunteer midwife in Ecuador working at Amupakin natural birth center in the Amazon region
  • a natural birthing clinic in the Ecuadorian Amazon for volunteer midwives gaining valuable experience
  • Natural midwifery in an indigenous community in Ecuador for midwife and student volunteers
  • intern working in natural birthing center in the Ecuadorian Amazon region

Clínica Amupakin - Amazon region

"I had a wonderful experience, but it was not quite what I was expecting. The center is struggling to survive as an alternative birth center so at times there are few women which meant there was little clinical contact."

Amupakin is run by the Asociacion de Mujeres Pateras Kichwas del Alto Napo, a collective of Kichwa indigenous women. The centre is a natural birthing and traditional medicine clinic and provides workshops and training to women in the region.

Range of tasks:
There is a range of projects that volunteers can undertake at Amupakin. Students and professionals in related fields, and those interested in natural medicine and birthing can assist with, and learn about the cultivation and study of medicinal plants, natural birthing and medical treatments. They can help to organize and lead workshops, for example in literacy, or in a relevant area of their expertise. The centre also requires assistance with marketing and public relations.  An imaginative and motivated long-term volunteer could greatly assist the centre with promotional material, issues management, website development, and identifying alternative sources of funding and collaboration.
Time commitment:
One month, although for more involved projects, and for more meaningful outcomes, more time in necessary.
spanish level:
Intermediate or better
Work schedule:
To be arranged with the center.
Accommodation in volunteer housing on site. Volunteers pay this cost directly to the project. Email us for details
Skills required:
Volunteers and interns that undertake work at Amupakin are required to be motivated initiative and be able to work effectively independently.
Accepted donations: